Yoke Skirt

I made this! Its the A-line skirt from Stitch by Stitch.  Which, while trying to understand at some points is a great book to learn things with.

The yolk has secret pretty fabric.  But now you know, so its not a secret any more.  

I bought this fabric back in May, and got started on it, but didn't finish it until just the other day. 

Its a pain in the ass to cut fabric on the floor, don't do it.   

My first try at an invisible zipper, and I nailed it!

Okay so the seems don't match up, but the zipper goes up and down without catching. 

Over all I learned a ton from making this pattern and with make it again.  Its a tad short for my tastes and a little large.  I will go down to a medium and increase the length.  The pattern calls for this little useless patch pockets on the front which I ignored.  Next time maybe so super fun spoonflower fabric.  

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