Adventure Time : Cured Meats Edition

The Local Pig

Down a road that you're certain is a cruel joke by google maps is where you will find the delightful Local Pig. Cured meats are an important part of this household and needed to find a purveyor of such items, posthaste. Seeing as this was a Sunday adventure, and we are in a part of the country which feels this is an important day, we had few options. However this turned out in our favor, since we lucked out. 

Attacked to The Local Pig, is the not so mobile food truck, Pigwich.  The Pigwich smells like carnivore heaven, and I'm sure tastes close. We didn't partake, yet. A steady stream of all variety of folks (a cop pulled up for lunch, a bunch of families, a few post churchers in heels) picked up their box lunches. You can take it to go or enjoy their covered picnic area. 

Once inside you're treated to the delightful aroma of MEAT! Two cases of all kinds of wonderment. A dozen different kinds of sausage, locally sourced beef, lamb, pork and chicken, chicken and duck eggs, little hand made pot pies, beef, lamb and pork bacon, and a few kinds other treats. If you get there in time, fresh bread from a local bakery is there and coffee from Oddly Correct. Don't forget to check the case by the checkout for schmaltz and lard, pickles and rilettes. 

The yummy pig part painted on the wall

Too hot outside or just want to watch them work hang out here. 

Map of where all the local yum comes from

Spoils of the hunt

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