A Year ago

This was taken a year ago. Before I began Crossfit, and before I moved back. That shrug is no more. I've frogged it and its going to become a more wearable item. I hope to share some photos with you and then take some after shots. Pictures like this and others. We'll see, I'm not so good with the timer on the camera.
Our lab was audited yesterday, which was a little stressful. But its over now and we can stop looking over our shoulder all the time. When the auditors arrived, they wanted to know who had been at the lab in Kentucky, which was me. The fact that checked up on me and the old life was a little strange.
Day two has been going smoothly. Hub is having some trouble with snacks. He loves crispy salty things, but no CHIPS. I think so far I've felt less change then him. Normally snacks are small and healthy so it seems that I've gotta leg up on him. Friday we have to attend an event so lets see what going out to dinner is like.


Whole 30

Day One, today Hub and I started the Whole 30. Which is like food boot camp. And for two crazed foodies, its not going to be an easy month. The idea behind the Whole 30 is that by not eating certain foods (grains, dairy and sugar) you can help reset the way your body handles food and you learn to use it more effectively. Hub is looking for more power at Crossfit. However I'm looking for my relationship with food to change and hopefully be able to excert more self control when it come to weaknesses. Like BREAD!! I also have a serious sweet tooth that I hope to bring under control. I do also hope the my flagging engery levels will stablize and that my strange allergies might clear. The nagging stuffy nose and dry skin.

So for 30 days I will put aside the yummy homemade loaves of bread and greek yogurt with honey and give this thing a try. I'll take my vitamins don't worry.

Breakfast: eggs
Lunch: Sloppy Joe insides with spinach leaves
Dinner: Skirt Steak with veggies


Its like crack for plants

They don't say that on the bag but it should. Tagro might be poo dirt but its the best dang poo dirt ever. The tomatoes I planted went crazy, and so too have the winter veg garden.
From Drop Box

I also saw this little guy while going to target. I was not driving.
From Drop Box