The Weekly Claire: WTF Weather

So this last week was a doozy.  We had massive rain fall that rotted out our strawberries, sticky as fuck humidity which has been followed by the hotest days of the year so far.

Three of my orchids are blooming! This one was a rescue from someone who didn't want the sticks and leaves anymore.  People are always giving them to me because they think they'll kill them, or they can't take care of them.  Look just stick them in a window water them now and again and BOOM, they just decide to bloom one day, no skill required.

I ordered and got (in a 36 hour period) this amazing scarf from a wonderful Tacoma retailer.  

The new 250 straight six went into the Nova last friday and my sunday night we had it all ready to run.

Edgar climbed in my purse and had a good scratch and left a few feather for me to find latter.

I put the buttons I got at Church Mouse Yarns on my sweater, not that I can wear it for like 3 more months but it looks good.  

YUM Snow peas! From the bucket garden

We had a MASSIVE rain storm on tuesday, which also happened to be my grandmother's 90th birthday.  I drove from Tacoma to almost Everett at was only 15 minutes late, which was pretty good considering the storm basically kept up with me the whole way, and I rode the edge of it for about 45 miles.

I validated a whole FUCK-load of stuff this week.  I mean like 3 solid hours of diluting and testing.

I made THE Quiche!  This is the Thomas Keller Quiche recipe from his book.  Its sooooo good, but is wildly expensive and rather time consuming.  The pay off however, is worth it.  It was the one thing at my cousins babyshower that had no leftovers.

The beautiful weather for the shower!

Just a few of the yummy things we severed up.
Shhhh Don't tell anyone but I got use an awesome camera to photograph the shower and it put my d40 to shame, now I want a new one.  

And finally Edgar helped me do a little work yesterday.  He LOVES the eraser and its almost impossible to snatch it back from him once he's got it.