Weekly Claire: Oct 25th

I finished the second quilt block in the series from the place in town.  It was a little harder, and I'm not good at it so it turned a little off but not bad. 

Edgar being stupid cute. 

The city on my way to work.  

Look at this FALL picture, FAAAAAAAALLLLLLLL I love you

It was super foggy on my way to work this week.

These are outside the library and are just too pretty not to photograph.

My goodies from KnitPicks arrived.  Yarn, more cables and the thingy for my spun yarn.  

Its really pretty.  

The KAL of the October Breeze is coming along nicely.  

And Blocking mats! Because theres no carpet in this house.  


The Weekly Claire: Fall Harvest

The fall weather is just A-MAZE-ING here this week.  Crisp sunny days and cool clear nights.  No rain, but we had our share of wind.  Work is still work.  I don't get to do any science but they pay me money and I'm not at home, so theres that.  Its only for a short time and it gives me the needed GMP and GLP experience I need to get other better more science type jobs.

Sometimes at work I have to climb up really high on this old rolling platform.  The thing drives like crap and its good I did all that crossfit to move it around.

See WAAAAY up there.

I had to go a get cupcakes at work because we had a forgotten birthday, and I do not let birthday just go uncelebrated.  

Looking great in my sexy ass hair net.

When I'm at the warehouse I rock the flannel, to protect my clothes from the warehouse funk.  I look like a hipster its really bad.  

I bought a Jawbone up24 to wear around, so far I like it.  It needs a little understanding but so far so good, it also tracks my sleep. 

We out for fall harvesting today.  The city market in KC 

Our Farmers Market in town

Look at the lettuce!

Planter's Seed-Spice-Feed in KC for tons of great spices.  You can smell the shop from the street. 

Then a final stop at the Local Pig for meat and a late lunch.  This is the awesome metal fence they have.

 The tree in the front yard just exploded with awesome. 


The Weekly Claire: Fall is Here

We're having some serious fall weather this week, and its really nice.  I don't have to fight the hot and I can wear the clothes I like the most.

The sky as I left work the other day.  SOOOOOO pretty.  

We had tons of rain this week.  

No thats not a colorized photo, thats the dyed blue fountain on the corner by work.  Go Royals!

And these are Jamberry Nail stickers I got as a sample for the awesome gal at the farmers market today.  I really excited to try them out.  She was wonderful too!! I can't paint my nails for work but I can do my toe nails!!!!!  I'll let you know how they work out.  


Craft-date 10/8/14

The rectangles for my next quilt attempt.  I might actually make this one into a fully formed blanket and not just the top.  Its a very satsifing use of the fat quarters in my stash.  

Yarn from my stash (which is much much smaller these days) to make the October Breeze shawl which one of the great ladies who I knit with here in KS/MO designed.  We're having a knit along with the newest yarn shop in the area called Mystic Knits.  

And finally a sweaters worth of yarn to make a sweater WHICH WILL ACTUALLY FIT OR SO HELP ME!!!!!!!  I bought it here in town at Momo's Yarn shop.  Its good old Cascade 220.  I had wanted to make this particular sweater in a nice dull grey but she didn't have enough so I went with this great pea color instead.  I'm trying very hard to visit and spend my money at local shops.  I find her shop nice but trying.  Yarn shops are a hard thing.  I love the idea that Church Mouse uses.  Simple yarn and lovely patterns but that works for their area.  Here its a mess so I can't figure out what a yarn shop would even want to stock.  Oh well, not my problem.  


The Weekly Claire: Gainfully Employed Edition

So now I have a job and a commute.  A 40 minutes one way commute.  So far its not too much of an issue however I get home much latter than I used to which cuts into my "doing stuff" time.  I'm just trying to use my weekend time wisely.  Saturday is all "house" stuff.  Grocery, cleaning, bills etc.  Sunday is crafty-pants type stuff.  So far its been working out.  I've been using my calendar to make sure I get everything squeezed in that needs to be and not to forget the super important bits.

My Lab coats enough their new home hanging by desk.  They're mostly there to just protect me from the product.  When I sample tanks (huge huge huge tanks) the stuff can move at an alarming rate and spray all over me.  So that my friends is why we wear lab coats.  Also because girl pants have stupidly small pockets and I need a lot of stuff when I'm on the floor.  

I get to eat my lunch at my desk, so I have an hour of quite.  I eat and read my backlog of comic books or a book.  Then knit at watch the lectures from my online Coursera class.  I have pretty dull lunches these days.  I got really tired of making sure we had leftovers or cooking a specific meal to last all week.  So gluten free sammies for me! (I have perioral dermatitis and they believe that wheat is trigger so NO WHEAT)

These are my super pretty and tasty breakfast sammies.  I cook the eggs in a whoopie pie tin (greased with bacon drippings) they only take like 10 minutes.  2 slices canadian bacon and a half a slice of cheese.  All on a gluten free bagel thin.  I put them all in the fridge and warm them up in the morning.  

The coffee maker is down, while I wait for the replacement tank.  Its been leaking and we don't want to buy a whole new one.  It just means I can put the french press to use.  It makes some pretty tasty coffee.  Sadly the replacement might not be here for weeks.  I might knit a little coozy.  

PUMPKINS!!!!!!! 5 of them.  I love love love love halloween and I love pretty pumpkins too.  The "normal" one and the 2 little ghosties came from the farmers market.  The green and dark orange from grocery store of all places.  I decorated to halloween yesterday, and have some lights to put up at work too.  Still haven't thought up a costume yet this year, but I'm thinking about being Tina.