But wait theres more.....

For some reason my photostream is a jerk and hasn't loaded all my pictures so I forced it.  Here are more pictures from our trip.  We left on Thursday night, flew in to New Jersey and drove up to West Point.  On Friday morning we had breakfast at a great little road side cafe then headed into the city.  Our hotel let us park and held are bags until check in, so we headed off.  We walked through the city to the ferry dock, had a great lunch and then headed out to see Ellis island and the Statue of Liberty.  We couldn't have asked for better weather.  It was warm, but not hot and overcast so we didn't burn to a crisp.  I walked the halls of Ellis Island knowing that by great grandfather had come through there and touched those walls too.  It was surprisingly moving.  To think of all the people who saw that island and what it meant to them.  It was a long day but had more to see yet.  Since it was our anniversary a fancy dinner was in order.  Where else to eat in NYC!?! LES HALLES!  Great dinner, funky place, in a good way.  They were kind and gracious.  Its actually a crazy strange building and your half jammed in there but it gave it character.
The next morning we headed to a light breakfast at the Egg Shop.  Which again is a hole in the way that crams people in and serves them tasty food.  How they did enough business to support the 7 people who worked there I don't know but it was good.  Then over the bridge to Brooklyn and the weekend foodfest thing they have.  However breakfast was filling and we were a bit worn out from the day before, so we each got HUGE delightful donuts (I had lemon poppy seed) and walked around in hopes that the drinks patio would open soon.  It did not.  So I got a ginger peach slush and we headed off.  We got stuff for a fancy dinner at a whole foods somewhere outside of the city and drove back to West Point.
On Sunday we went north to Rhinebeck and enjoyed all that they had to offer.  Rhinebeck is an awesome place! Great downtown, beautiful country side.  I got some yarn, the boys got beer and we all enjoyed an airshow at the Old Rhinebeck Aerodome.  Awesome old, restored, function planes.  It was great.  Plus I got a mint chip ice cream cone and that made me fantastically happy.  I almost forgot we had brunch at this little cafe and the food was wonderful.  Our last full day was finished with a dinner at a hipster-ish place that served great beer and pretty good food.
Monday was a quick breakfast and back home.



We went to New York a while back.  It was nice.  We went to the city on friday for our anniversary.  After a big day visiting the Statue of Liberty, we went to Les Halles! It was lovely.  We also head up to Rhinebeck.  It was a great way to spend our 11th anniversary and see our friends.