Claire-cation Day One

Today was the first blissful day of my three day Claire-cation. I've been sleeping in (6 am!) Grocery shopping in the middle of the day! and making yummy foods, chocolate banana bread. I have lots of plans not all of them will happen. The most important thing that I'm going to get to this week is making THE quiche from St. Thomas Keller's Bouchon cook book. I know that better cooks than I have tried and failed but I am confident that I can make something passable and at least yummy.
Not only do I have a pound of butter with my name on it but I also have some lovely fabric to play with.


Dry Those Clothes, Damnit

So I was watching Sunday Morning, as we always do and they had a short segment about a nice lady in Oregon who was drying her clothes outside in the FREE sunshine. Well her super bitch neighbor driving her SUV, wearing a big fat diamond Channel Necklace and a pair of super expensive bug sunglasses was interviewed about how ugly it was and how it was against the rules blah blah blah, and as she pursed her old wrinkled lips to bad month her neighbor some more it came to me! Go outside and dry you clothes today and every day! It's free!