Zombie Arms and the Side Effects of Moving

I've moved A LOT!  I like 1 move a year on average since I graduated from college.  10 moves, 11 years.  Granted thats an average.  But the house I had raved about, the lottery win of picked on the internet rental houses, they sold it.  It also wasn't as great as I had originally let on.  Mostly it had ANTS.  It was also HUGE in stupid ways.  Like stupid big bathroom and crazy high ceilings which are hard to heat and cool.  The new rental is smaller, and less stupid in someways except its a split level which is inherently stupid.  It does not have a lovely frog and fish filled pond nor a backyard with lush trees.
Hub and I moved EVERYTHING WE OWNED, over about 30 hours.  Some on friday, a ton on Saturday and Sunday and then a little more on Monday.  I have zombie arms.  They are all gross and green and purple and such.  We also learned that we have just the right amount of stuff.  We've done a pretty good job of keeping our shit level down.  Granted we've still got a few boxes of junk I'd like Hub to go through and we need to consolidate a fair amount of stuff too.  I may or may not own a million rags and too many "yarn bags".  But enough about moving.

I bought some plants

We'll see how they do.  They're much taller now, but I'm afraid I am way too late to the game and that the temp and humidity will be too high to set flowers.  

This was an epic storm which jack knifed a semi a mile a head of me in the other lane.  

Tiny plastic bonsai with our sushi 

FROG! At work.  Toad.  

The neckline on my shirt, which didn't fit FYI but I still made a knit shirt 

My machine is very much against twin needle work.  This is a most troubling turn of events and might require a new machine.  

mmmh, too big!  I had pull the whole thing out and start over with a smaller needle size.  I have very small feet.  

Its the turkish bed sock (I think) from Churchmouse.  Its a great stash buster, too bad I still have enough yarn to make like 4 more pairs.  

I might take some pictures of the new house, once I'm all moved it.  We're pretty close since Hub is off for a few weeks between schools.  I'll try to finish up my office, hell even start, this weekend.