I made these a while ago.......

I also worked on my studio. Too bad it gets really warm up here.


I'm a sucker for contests

I rarely win, but I love to enter and dream a little about the prizes and how super great it would be to have them. I think I purchased about a dozen chocolate bars in hopes of winning a dark brown Mini Cooper stuffed to the gills with treats. Thought I never won one of these rare chocolat-ly colored autos, I found myself many years latter on the good end of a used car deal for one that looked much like a red velvet cake. However it wasn't full of cake :( . One of my fav blogs and shops is Sew-Mama-Sew, I've given things away for their big give-away day. I've commented on most of their give-aways and purchased some great, I mean great fabrics. Today they asked us to answer one easy question in hopes of winning a serger. The question "how would your life be better with a serger" And here it is the long awaited answer.
I don't have time to sew like I want to any more.
When I lived in OK and was unemployed I had nothing to inspire me, nothing to drive me to create. I tried. I wanted to. I did, a little. It was like my need to was there but the crafty pants were just not there. Fastforward to now. Moving back to a place I love, full of beauty and living in a great area FULL of art, I want to craft again. I finger fabrics and yarn, look longingly at patterns and then poooooof! No time. Now I have a job, a job I love, doing the other thing I LOVE. Microbiology. But between my Crossfit addiction, and keeping my house at a level of clean that only kinda makes me happy, my craft time as almost dried up. Now if I had a serger, and after I had learned how to use said serger, with all its bells and what nots, I could spend less time getting grumpy with my sewing and more time actually making stuff. Plus being on the short, stocky and busty side being able to make or at least fix my clothes would make me feel a lot better.
So there is my answer!
Thank you for your time.