So this is the 9th of September are here are last few lists.

If you know me, you know I'm extremely negative.  I've got to be more positive or at the least, more neutral. 

I don't eat late, it has been burned into me by years and years of being a fat ass.  Also I don't like going to bed feeling too full.

I forgot I had watercolors, and that I love to paint.  So I had fun.

Sunday is my favorite lazy day.  My mom and I went to the Puyallup Fair (I didn't take any good pictures)

Trust me, when these things get thrown off, its not pretty.  A non-crossfitted Claire is a grumpy Claire. 


A little happy

There have been a lot of nasty, sad, angry stories out there about big fat jerks doing big fat jerky things.  Lots of yelling because a girl reading a book on the bus doesn't want to talk to them or just people being plain ASSHOLES! 
Lets share some happy stories! Like the nice people I sometimes meet at the store or little kids who smile at you from two places up in line.  Just something so that we know that the world is good. 


30 Days of Lists

So awhile back I signed up for 30 Days of List, with the intent of it helping blog more and be a better crafty-pants person.  Well in all the excitement leading up to this weekend, I plum forgot to start my listing.  So today while I watched Batman Begins with Hub (it just kinda played in the background while tons of laundry was done, naps where taken and much lounging about was had) I caught up on my lists and got in some blogging.  So here are the first 4 days of the 30 Days of list....


Some Knitting

I do knit (this started out as a knitting blog) as well as other craft things.  Summer time isn't always the best time to knit, but it doesn't stop me.  As of late I've been working on a few things, nothing much...

The Lazy Girl Shawl

New York Cardigan

Lace Detail