Where are you?

Please disregard this blog post if you did recently move from Lawton, OK with a tight knit group of sweet kiddos a mess of spinning wheels and I think was it three looms. You know who you are. You blog is gone and I don't seem to have your email. How did that happen? Any whooooo, shoot me an email.


Best Mayo Ever

For christmas I got this great book, full of super easy and uber d'lish recipes. Fantastic pictures and good tips and tricks. Part of my crossfit world includes being as paleo as possible, which falls into my personal goal of eating squeaky clean. Homemade everything makes me happy, no or minimal chemicals limitly processed and yummy. So you know what's amazingly easy to make on your own and is CRAZY good. MAYO!!!!!!!! Get yourself a stick blender an egg, a touch of mustard and a cup of grapeseed oil (my favorite neutral oil) and whirrrrrr together for creamy delightful finger licking burger smearing, french fry dipping, ketchup mixing mayo. Trust me you might not "like" mayo but this will change your mind.
Ps this was also the best batch I've ever made.
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These are 4 of the 5 chickens
who call an out building home. They're a cross between buff orpies and rhode islands. We're just waiting for them to lay some tasty tasty eggs
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