More stuff

I got this great cart at Ikea for my sewing stuff

Put my antique trunk in my office

MADE BEER! (we can drink it on the 31st)

Took this great picture of my antique microscope

I'm finally able to display the great microscope that Hub got me for my birthday like 2 years ago.

I framed some stuff

The SNOW STORM, that wasn't

It did get bitterly cold (thats without the windchill)

Five Mile Creek froze almost solid.

One more thing I forgot to add to my New Years resolutions, was to try to keep organized.  Try to find at least as many old things I don't need or do not bring me joy and send them off to Goodwill as I bring new items into the house.  I've been busy purging stuff which is no longer useful to me.  I think my office is done.  Next up the guest room.  I have so far not purchased any new clothes.  I did pick up 2 pairs of pants from ThreadUp they'll be here this week.  


Back Log

Hey hey hey!

I've got lots of pictures to show you, of lots of stuff.

Fall arrived, and was lovely.  My Mom came for a visit for Halloween and we ran amuck around Kansas City.  We visited all the hot spots, like Crown Plaza and saw the new Hall's.  We had sooooo many tricker treaters that we had to turn off the light.  Next year, more candy!

I became an accidental hipster.  The warehouse is a shitshow of dirt and things that what to ruin my clothes so I got an old flannel at Goodwill, which has a handy pocket for pens (which lady jeans do not make space for) and keeps me looking clean afterward.  I wear my blue knit beret to keep my hair out of my face.  Add in my hipster bearded (its f'ing cold here and its a seasonal thing not completely a fashion statement) warehouse manager and BOOOM we're the coolest warehouse in town.  Maybe I can convince him to grow his hair out and go for the man-bun! HAHAHA, or not.  

I finished my Pendulum shawl which I modified because I didn't have enough yarn.  This was a quick mindless knit which burned up two balls of old yarn.  I'm almost through my stash.  I'm very proud of myself.  I have two sweaters worth left and they have patterns.  I have a handful of sock balls, which might be given away.  Two pair mittens to knit, a few shawls worth and I'll be at a level which makes me feel I can buy some yarn again.  

I started this great sweater.  Its coming along fantastically.  I'm almost to the sleeves now.  Andi is a fantastic pattern writer.  She understands shape so well and I also made some bold sizing decisions myself.  I have a 17inch back but a 40 inch bust line.  This means when I knit 40 inch sizes I have HUGE arm holes and saggy sweaters.  I plan to only ever knit 34" sweater sizes from now on and add some stitches to the bust if I need them.  I'm a cardigan knitter so I'm mostly good.  

I met this fellow on a walk and I though he was too cute pass up.  He even mugged for this picture.  Turning and looking the whole time I shot photos of him.  

Then Christmas came! I got a Lego Advent Calendar this year.  While I'm not an advent person its the perfect birthday count down clock.  And LEGOS! A whole box of little lego fun.  It was fantastic too, Luke and little cannons that fire legos bricks, a speeder and a xmas droid.  

My favorite holiday wreath I got years ago at Target.  

Ornament 1, from Target with a little bird.

Ornament 2, a porcialan feather from KC's own Hammermill Press.  Can you see the bird theme we've got.  

My Felt Advent Calendar

Finally our tree.  Which was dry and sad but we made it pretty.  I miss you great northwest and your lovely xmas trees so full of live and beauty.  Here its just 1 kind of tree and they kinda suck.  But we power trough.  

So I've got more pics of more stuff.  Stay tuned for Beer making, Cheese! and the hard freeze.  

Love ya all!


New Years!

Its 2015, just like that.  BOOM.  So now what do we do. Keep writing 2014 on everything, make some cheesy resolutions, curl up and cry.

I'm not going to post any pictures today, because my phone and computer aren't exactly speaking to each other and uploading photos IS A HUGE PAIN IN THE ASS.  Seriously.  HUGE.  Using my big camera isn't any better.

I will make some cheesy new years resolutions.

  • To not buy any new clothes for 3 months.  Undies, bras, workout clothes, socks, and shoes are not part of this rule. I will make or buy them used.  
  • I frame or purchase more ART.  I think the best way to spend my money is on things that make me happy. 
  • I build my home lab.  I don't get to do science at work any more because I work for some serious nutters but I can create my own at home "yeast ranch" as the home brewers call it.  Its just a lab to me.  
  • Make cheese- real aged hard cheese.
  • Finish knitting from my stash.  I want to be done with it and start buying new yarn.  Its an all hands on deck effort, this is the last year of it.  
  • Workout harder. Since we moved I've been a lazy bones, but now we have a home gym and I have no more excuses.  
There we go.  And the final one, to blog more PROMISE.