More stuff

I got this great cart at Ikea for my sewing stuff

Put my antique trunk in my office

MADE BEER! (we can drink it on the 31st)

Took this great picture of my antique microscope

I'm finally able to display the great microscope that Hub got me for my birthday like 2 years ago.

I framed some stuff

The SNOW STORM, that wasn't

It did get bitterly cold (thats without the windchill)

Five Mile Creek froze almost solid.

One more thing I forgot to add to my New Years resolutions, was to try to keep organized.  Try to find at least as many old things I don't need or do not bring me joy and send them off to Goodwill as I bring new items into the house.  I've been busy purging stuff which is no longer useful to me.  I think my office is done.  Next up the guest room.  I have so far not purchased any new clothes.  I did pick up 2 pairs of pants from ThreadUp they'll be here this week.  

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