New Years!

Its 2015, just like that.  BOOM.  So now what do we do. Keep writing 2014 on everything, make some cheesy resolutions, curl up and cry.

I'm not going to post any pictures today, because my phone and computer aren't exactly speaking to each other and uploading photos IS A HUGE PAIN IN THE ASS.  Seriously.  HUGE.  Using my big camera isn't any better.

I will make some cheesy new years resolutions.

  • To not buy any new clothes for 3 months.  Undies, bras, workout clothes, socks, and shoes are not part of this rule. I will make or buy them used.  
  • I frame or purchase more ART.  I think the best way to spend my money is on things that make me happy. 
  • I build my home lab.  I don't get to do science at work any more because I work for some serious nutters but I can create my own at home "yeast ranch" as the home brewers call it.  Its just a lab to me.  
  • Make cheese- real aged hard cheese.
  • Finish knitting from my stash.  I want to be done with it and start buying new yarn.  Its an all hands on deck effort, this is the last year of it.  
  • Workout harder. Since we moved I've been a lazy bones, but now we have a home gym and I have no more excuses.  
There we go.  And the final one, to blog more PROMISE.

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