Short Notice

When I went to Georgia for my multiple chicken workshops last year, I spent some quality time online scoping out restaurants, grocery stores and shopping. Before I even hit the ground everything was in order. The time Hub and I drove cross country (before google) I sat in the sun with a calculator, pen and paper tracking miles driven and small cities with a roadmap. Planing is somehow programed into my DNA. In my little knitting world its the same. I want notice and lots of it. Say if you have a good nine month lead on me, please let me know. Sigh, this brings me to my cousin, and how she's about to have a baby. Really I'd like more time to properly knit for this little one.

Also I'd like as much time as possible to work on this. My lace scarf.



This year I have some goals but I don't want to push to hard. Things I'd love to do and thing I will do. First the things I'd love to do, include making a stay page and actually selling something. I want to blog once a week (I can do it on my dang phone its not hard). I also want to fill my house with homemade goodies. Now for the things that must happen in 2011. Weigh at or less then my drivers license (when I moved back they just changed my name on file, everything remained the same). A pullup will happen and a whole real pushup workout.
All in all I think those are some good plans.
The hat you ask? I made it for the christmas lunchon auction. Its the Starcrossed pattern. Spool quick and easy.
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