My Office is a Mess

A total mess, its mostly because I've been working in here a lot, and thus its a mess.  Messy-mess! Untitled

Mostly because I'm actually working in here this week. Writing work stuff, applying for jobs, and doing crafty stuff.  I'm participating in Nerd Wars, and its got me digging though my stash for projects.  Thats my stash, believe it.  Thats it.  (okay I have two space bags of bits and ends in the basement.)

Got some goodies at the store yesterday.  Patterns (which appear to be upside down).  Cheep bits of fabric and some nice fabric for making a skirt.


That was awkward

I know, I'm an awful blogger.  But I'm back.  At least I hope to be.  With the move coming up I thought that it would be nice to try to get my blog mojo back.  I'm still deciding if this is the best blog for me and what not.  While I figure somethings out, please enjoy that photo of lego Luke and R2D2.  (BTW this is one of two Lego X-wings we own.  This is the one Hub got for chirstmas from his folks.  The other resides on my desk at work)