Claire's "I'm not gonna do Fran" WOD

There are two crossfit workouts I will NOT DO! They are, Murph and Fran.  Sorry Murph my good man, I will honor your memory by cheering on those souls faster and braver than I, and FRAN you evil bitch I just won't.  Mostly because I have these little tiny wrists and whenever I do thrusters I honestly feel like my hands are just going to break off and I'll be left with these bloody stumps.  Its not my idea of fun (not that Cfit is my idea of fun, but in the land of suck, it sucks in a interesting way)  So today I stayed home and concocted this WOD:

400M run
30 pushups
40 sit ups
50 squats


*If you want to learn more about what I'm talking about visit the Crossfit main page or my fab-u-lous gym's page 


And we're back.....

I had not planned to leave the blog, or stop doing stuff, but I did.  I drew some pictures, lost my budgie bird Frankie (to old age) bought a house, moved, found a new feathered friend (Edgar a Conure), went to a professional conference, and generally just lost my mojo.  So now I'm back and trying at little harder.   So heres to the Weekly Claire.....
 First my neighbor bought this and I think that Jessie and Walter have moved in next door.  Honestly he used to have a big, but better looking 5th wheel and now I get to look at this winner.

 The 30th Street ladies and I went to Church Mouse for the day.  I got a mess of nice buttons for two sweaters, and some short bread.  We also had lunch at NOLA, a damn tasty restaurant on Bainbridge.

 I got started on my sleeve started, the color is all messed up here so it looks all gray and nasty but its actually indigo.

And finally its officially summer and I'm wearing my boots.  Yep, twice this week.