It's on

We hit the road at around 10:30 this morning. One Mini Cooper packed to the gills, a Jeep stuffed with Booze and TV's and a Huge Yellow Penske truck pulling a huge red car. One Parakeet, four people and a spare roll of TP rolled into the city of Van Buren AR at about 7:30pm with all kinds of road buzz. Tomorrow morning we will cross over into Oklahoma and officially move into our neato house. See you there!



So Lawton, OK is home to Field Artillery and now home to the Army's ADA (air defense artillery) which means that the homes they had for FA now has to make do for two sets of people. We lived on post the last time, in a hotel room. Now we're getting a real house and living like normal(ish) people. Because of the house crunch they've been jacking up the housing cost, someone wanted to rent this house for $1200 a month....

We just kept looking. We did find a place but the last renter left the place a little sad so I didn't take any pictures at the rental lady's request. Time line is as follows.... Movers on monday to pack, Movers to move on tuesday, Wednesday last day of being with the 101st (sooooo long), thursday pick up and fill the uhaul and car trailer then pick up the parents, friday get up at the ass crack of dawn to leave for the first half of the trip, saturday second half of the trip and arrive in Lawton.


Just Noms

The Great Big Quiche of DOOOOOM, 6 eggs, two sticks of butter, 1 pound of bacon, two onions
It was beyond good.............

Chocolate Banana Bread, the recipe needs some work it turned out a little dry, but I've got Banana's and some sour cream and lots of time...

Finally, the Spring Onion Corn Bread! Normal Betty Crocker Corn bread with whole corn nibblets and spring onions, brushed with butter!


Back by popular demand

A few facebookers have requested the London photos sooooo here they are.....


Birthday wishes

You know how some friends are "buy stuff" present people. The kind of people who know just what they want and it's just better to buy that one thing for them, but you also have "make stuff" present people. I have one of these friends.
She loves the ocean, which was my inspiration for these. I picked all the beads that reminded me of seaglass.

I searched for a good owl pattern but never found one so I just made this little guy up. I call him Hooty. I promise that a recipe for him will make it to this page someday and for his bat stunt double. She also got a nice hand made draw string bag. It was a little preview of things to come on my Etsy site when I get it up.