Cheddar Cheese Festival

Yes thats right, CHEEEEEEEEEEESE.  North Country (FYI Toto we aren't in Kansas anymore) as basically all of New York that isn't New York City or Buffalo is called is home to lots and lots and lots and lots of cheese.  Its mostly pretty tame farmers cheeses, not the super yum cheeses in Vermont.  Damn you Vermont and your artisan cheeses.  The Village, yes village not big enough to be a city, of Adams is home to the Great Lakes Cheese Company and to celebrate a big warehouse where some cheese is made they host a reasonable excuse to have fried dough on a warm summer day otherwise known as a Festival.  Sadly I found the Cheese Fest to be sadly lacking in milk in its solid form but it was nice to get out and take some pictures.

Milk a fake cow/bucket

No other food was being advertised, just the fried dough.  

Live music, excellent people watching and BBQ chicken.  This is what summer is made of.  

Don't mess around with a town that has a BBQ pit like this one. 

You'd think there'd be a bigger turn out for the mac and cheese contest, but just 5 entries.  

The yard and flowers belong to a lovely antique shop, that I will be returning to.