Falling into Place

So things have been rather up in the air these days. Things that needed to fall into place could not. Finally the pieces began to slip in.
I fell in love with a house in the Proctor area of Tacoma and so did Hub, I flew up to Seattle this week to see the house and just enough the great northwest. The house did not disappoint and as we prepare for move number 6, in the 6 years since I graduated college, I've finally begun to feel okay. (if you want to know we moved from Moscow to Seattle, Seattle to Lawton, Lawton to Clarksville, Apartment to house in clarksville, Clarksville to Lawton) We have moved dates now, all I need to do is get the nitty gritty handled, such as gas and cable and our alarm system moved. Its a long list but not too bad.
I also have a unexpected job interview while I'm here, which if offered I will take since it is my favorite line of work, veterinary microbiology. However the job is working for my rival and sister college, WSU! How do I explain that I need a few days off to go to Moscow and watch the Vandals play football. I guess its a good thing I didn't go to the UW. Funny thing is I had to buy a whole outfit, complete with shoes since I didn't bring anything with me.

These are a few of the pictures from the house...




Seattle Trip

I'll be gone for a few days. Not like I've been good a posting but I will be better at it sometime. I'm going to Seattle for a few days to get some things in order for the "BIG MOVE". I've got a few houses to check out. Check out these pictures......