I totally failed at the 30 Days of Lists.  I got way behind and then just gave up.  Because of my art class (which is totally awesome) my free time has been split between drawing and knitting.  The two most important things out side of my Hub and my science, in my life.  When I'm not working, crossfitting, or cooking my "free" time is limited to about 2 hours a night.  Which normally includes a walk (so I can watch my Netflix on the treadmill) and then my art class homework.  For a brief time I was hell bent on becoming an artist.  A graphic designer to be exact.  These days I can't imagine not being a scientist, but creating things is still a HUGE part of my life, and while I was always good I was never great. Honestly I'm shocked with what I'm creating, with my skills that I kinda didn't know I had.  Maybe its my teacher or the subject matter.  Maybe its because its not a class that I'm required to take or because she teaches in a different style.  Whatever it is Susan is getting me to do work I never thought I could.