I do still Knit

But you don't get to see it much.  Or at least the finished products.  So thing about getting from camera to computer is a chore and then on to the blog.  I'm trying to make it work on that but I'm just running on auto until I have more time.  Hub's job is a super time suck and I'm trying to workout twice a day, which leaves about 0 time to knit or post.  A while back I finished this project......

Project: Willow Cowl
Yarn: Hazel Knits, sock
Colorway: Hometown Team (?)

I ment to wear this to ALLLLLL those chilly M's games
 that I would go to this year.  I went to one,
 before I finished it. 
 So sad we went to like 20 last year. 

Hidding from how bad the M's have been


More shawls

It seems that's all I knit right now, but since I really given up on socks I need to do something with all the sock yarn. I'm unable to cram a socked foot into any of my shoes so I find that knitting them is just a waste of time. Plus I suffer from serious second sock- ittis and never make the match. Oh well.