Things I've learned

Since I started Crossfit about 6 months ago I've learned some rather important things about health and fitness. Most importantly, when you are running from zombies NO ONE, I mean no one cares what you look like in a bikini. What I mean by this is, that just because your skinny ass can wear a flap of fabric and get away with it, does not mean in any way shape or form are you actually "in shape". Your brain is going to be dinner sweet cheeks. However my thighs and I are getting away.
While I have spent the last six months trying to reverse 28 years of near and complete inactivity, it still needs some work. After a handful of real pushup I kinda hit the floor. A real pullup still eludes me. I run about as fast as a old dog and half way through my workouts I gotta stop and push my glasses back up my nose or just take them off all together. Though I have lost an 1.5 from my waist, and deadlift and back squat my body weight. 12 inch box jumps still make my shins fear for their lives and anything requiring me to go upside down, is NOT fun. My progress is slow, very slow, but I'm there. I will never get a green box around my name for anything, but just the fact that my name is on the white board every morning at 5:30 is enough for me.
Though just for once I'd like to get my freakin' picture on the blog. Come on!