Stash Busting

I've been stash busting for a few years now, it only takes a few knit group weekend trips to start a stash but it takes years to knit it down.  YEARS!  Out of some strange form of Catholic Guilt I began to tackle my stash, and have since whittled it down to one small sized tub.  I previously over dyed some stash yarn to a more pleasing color and after much procrastinating cast on for a pattern which appeared in Interview back in 2008.  I was still living in Tennessee, I was still working in Kentucky, I was still driving DB, Frankie was still around and I don't think I even wanted to knit this pattern.  Turns out, sometimes I just don't care I just like to knit.  The pattern is interesting, the yarn is soft and long ago paid for so I can't go wrong.  

I did buy some black tonal from Knit Picks for my Dad's birthday socks which are started and aren't the worst thing to knit even in the dim light of the living room.  Overhead light is strictly forbidden in our house, since Hub grew up in a 1960's themed time capsule.  This dimmer the better! 

I've taken to reading at lunch outside.  This little covered area is mighty pleasant.  I'm reading American Sphinx, and those shoes are Keen's! I know right! 23 bucks Amazon.     


Delightful Listens

I drive a lot, 80+ miles a day back and forth from my job.  Its not pretty.  I don’t like it.  I don’t like putting all those miles on Sheldon.  Sheldon, for his part, doesn’t seem to mind.  Shellie is my second Mini, and most likely not my last, this year they brought out the four-door Hardtop and it might be my next car.  Coopers are just tiny, cheeper BMW’s and thusly have some of the perks, namely the Harmon-Kardon sound system.  LET ME TELL YOU! No seriously, if you have a car with a crap sound system safe up the money and get yourself something nice.  Just do it.  I could just blare hours and hours of music through the fine-ass sound system in Sheldon, but I don’t, I make full use of that drive time and consume audiobooks at an alarming rate.  Lots and lots of books! If like me you are trapped in a car and need something to entertain your brain, I suggest a subscription to Audible. These are some of my favorites, read them or listen to them.

Devil in the White City- Two great stories in one! The Chicago words fair and a serial killer, both true stories happening at the same time. Larson’s parallel style is delightful. 

The Demon Under the Microscope- Science Warning! I am almost always listening to or reading one non-fiction book (sometimes 2, I read one book at work, listen to one and third before bed).  This was one of my first science books from back when I was driving to and from the hospital.  Its an amazing look at the discovery and development of Sulfa drugs.

The Thirteenth Tale- This one is pretty good, a little strange, but worth it. 

All three of the “Girl with the Dragon Tattoo series, this is because the narrator pronounces the city names for you and you don’t have to think about it.

King of Hearts- All about the pioneering doctors who brought us open heart surgery, by a great writer.

The works of Philip Kerr- Almost all his books are set in 1930-1950 Germany and are an interesting take on the noir genera.  Plus you’ll find yourself with an strange and sudden knowledge of Berlin streets.

The Tale of the Dueling Neurosurgeons- Another science nerd non fiction about the working of the brain and the many players in our understanding.

Dr. Mutters Marvels- A look into the man who brought us the Mutter Museum in Philly. 

High Rise- I will warn you about this novel, it’s a mess.  A total mess.  Unless you are completely comfortable with the works of JG Ballard, do not let the dulcet tones of Tom Hiddleston pull you in to this a gruesome novel.   Read Empire of the Sun first than you understand this book.  It will soon be a movie, I am curious how they will handle the really rough bits, the really- really rough bits.  Ballard is a great writer and I am glad this long out print book which I last read when I was high school junior, has been released again.  Tom Hiddleston as the narrator is almost too much to ask for.  He is a fantastic narrator, trust me a bad narrator will ruin a book, and if he ever gives up acting he can just read to people for a living  That lovely skinny Brit has a darkness which is perfect for a Ballard novel. 



If you read Text From Dog, I love the pug friend who always greets the reader with HAYLO HOOMANS! It makes me happy.  Kansas is still Kansas but we're trying.  I'm working on caring less about not being near a nice grocery store, since I don't really eat all those crazy things I wish I was near.  Plus I can just make cool stuff.  I've got some vanilla extract going, I made some no churn Ice cream which is stupidly good, I've made my own shrub (more on that soon) and thats about it.  I try to go to the farmers market every weekend too and buy local goodness.  

The new house has less square footage but its better used.  We're short a cabinet to put the booze so now we have drinks table.  Plus the goal for this year is to work on our open and items.  This means open items the movers won't take.  Now the drinks are out and ready for drinking. 

We've been making an effort to ride our bikes more, but its so HOT!  I got this great basket which fits on back of my bike.  Its from a great company called Basil, they have a bunch of cute and handy bike baskets and bags.  It rained this weekend so I drove.  But next week I promise more bike riding.  

KC Soda company is open!!! I'm thrilled about this, because they carry hundreds of different types and mostly its for the ginger beer.  I am going to make some ginger beer of my own since I like mine waaaaaay spicier than most make it.

I saw this a the grocery store and I don't even know where to start.  You can't read the ingredients here but its about 1% ham after all the crap has been added to make it PARTY HAM!


Project: Armande

I liked this pattern a lot, and it proved to me that I will only make sleeves like this forever.  I have made too many crap sweaters to put up with over the years.  This is the best one yet.


 That is all about the sweater. 

I went to an Girls Paint Night in St. Jo last night, I doodled these cuties.  The instructor wanted them so I left them for her.  

In no way do these resemble the painting we were being instructed in.  I put the first bird in the wrong spot, then messed up its legs and the tempera paint was a bitch to work with so this is what happens.