If you read Text From Dog, I love the pug friend who always greets the reader with HAYLO HOOMANS! It makes me happy.  Kansas is still Kansas but we're trying.  I'm working on caring less about not being near a nice grocery store, since I don't really eat all those crazy things I wish I was near.  Plus I can just make cool stuff.  I've got some vanilla extract going, I made some no churn Ice cream which is stupidly good, I've made my own shrub (more on that soon) and thats about it.  I try to go to the farmers market every weekend too and buy local goodness.  

The new house has less square footage but its better used.  We're short a cabinet to put the booze so now we have drinks table.  Plus the goal for this year is to work on our open and items.  This means open items the movers won't take.  Now the drinks are out and ready for drinking. 

We've been making an effort to ride our bikes more, but its so HOT!  I got this great basket which fits on back of my bike.  Its from a great company called Basil, they have a bunch of cute and handy bike baskets and bags.  It rained this weekend so I drove.  But next week I promise more bike riding.  

KC Soda company is open!!! I'm thrilled about this, because they carry hundreds of different types and mostly its for the ginger beer.  I am going to make some ginger beer of my own since I like mine waaaaaay spicier than most make it.

I saw this a the grocery store and I don't even know where to start.  You can't read the ingredients here but its about 1% ham after all the crap has been added to make it PARTY HAM!


Project: Armande

I liked this pattern a lot, and it proved to me that I will only make sleeves like this forever.  I have made too many crap sweaters to put up with over the years.  This is the best one yet.


 That is all about the sweater. 

I went to an Girls Paint Night in St. Jo last night, I doodled these cuties.  The instructor wanted them so I left them for her.  

In no way do these resemble the painting we were being instructed in.  I put the first bird in the wrong spot, then messed up its legs and the tempera paint was a bitch to work with so this is what happens.

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WoolMonkey said...

That sweater looks great!

A booze table seems so adult.