Stash Busting

I've been stash busting for a few years now, it only takes a few knit group weekend trips to start a stash but it takes years to knit it down.  YEARS!  Out of some strange form of Catholic Guilt I began to tackle my stash, and have since whittled it down to one small sized tub.  I previously over dyed some stash yarn to a more pleasing color and after much procrastinating cast on for a pattern which appeared in Interview back in 2008.  I was still living in Tennessee, I was still working in Kentucky, I was still driving DB, Frankie was still around and I don't think I even wanted to knit this pattern.  Turns out, sometimes I just don't care I just like to knit.  The pattern is interesting, the yarn is soft and long ago paid for so I can't go wrong.  

I did buy some black tonal from Knit Picks for my Dad's birthday socks which are started and aren't the worst thing to knit even in the dim light of the living room.  Overhead light is strictly forbidden in our house, since Hub grew up in a 1960's themed time capsule.  This dimmer the better! 

I've taken to reading at lunch outside.  This little covered area is mighty pleasant.  I'm reading American Sphinx, and those shoes are Keen's! I know right! 23 bucks Amazon.     

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