Hub is the bacon man in our family, he handles the making of the bacon. Except he might just have less than zero time, in fact I'm certain he's borrowing it. So we had promised a few people some bacon and so I dug around in the seemingly bottomless chest freezer to find some uncured pork bellies. Mmmmmm pork bellies. Without further ado....


All rubbed down

Hiding behind the soda, in the fridge

I call this pre-bacon



Fall Planting

While it's not fall yet in Tacoma it is time to start thinking about it. I wanted to some cool weather plants started to give them ahead start. We need all the help we can get around these parts. Also I had this pesky box from my CSA laying around that I did want to just break down.

How to turn a box into a greenhouse for planting seeds:

Gather the parts. Box, plastic bag, seeds and egg cartons. I cut the flaps off mine.

Fill up your cartons with dirt and moisten it so the seeds have a nice place to start out.

Press the little seeds into the soft dirt and arrange the egg cartons in the box.

Cover up with your garbage bag. Now place in a sunny spot. Water when needed. If you use a waxed box you can add a little water straight into the box. Just sit back and wait for little plants.