Sunday Adventures Part 1

Last weekend I went for a bike ride, we bought bikes did I mention that, and came across a downed tree.  A lady and her kids were standing there and I was worried it had just happened or they might need some help and together we could all move it off the trail.  Nah, her kids just wanted to check it out and we left it for the parks department.  She did share with me that if you continue to the end of the trail, and down through the trees theres' a little sandy spot were you can explore and make it down to the creek.  This weekend I headed out for my ride with all intentions of biking my planned 6 mile route, but my legs said "no" since we had ridden to the farmers market the day before.  So I decided to check out the creek.  It was lovely.  Lots of dragonflies and butterflies.  It wasn't too hot yet either and the cool of trees made it all the better.  It was lush and lovely and made me wish that Leavenworth had more trails to explore.

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