I am huge Seahawks fan.  Not a bandwagon fan, but a long suffering Seattle sports fan.  Years of crap teams, years of almost selling, and years of never tasting victory.  More importantly that horrible superbowl we got shafted.  Last year was like a dream, a crazy making Payton Manning cry dream.  This year oh holy fucking-shit!  We're going again.  Too bad I'm in Exile and can't be there to send them off or welcome them back.  WE did both last year.  We stood on a foggy morning to send them off to the superbowl it was great

No more cared how cold it was we all just yelled and made friends.  It was fandom at its best.  No one was rude, and tons of people just hung around waiting and having a great time.  

Blitz was there, all the best fan groups and all the coolest tailgate trucks.

I took over the chalk board at work (which mega-bitch erased before the big game and I had to redraw).  

IT all led up to this.  Me up in Seattle at 6AM in the ice cold to see the parade.  Which was amazing. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MANY PEOPLE.  And once again, everyone nice and orderly.  Come on this is Seattle.  We stayed in the city all day, eating an early dinner at 13 Coins to top off a perfect Seattle event and drive down 99 and not I-5 back to the city of Destiny.  

This year, we've got snow and Kansas.  Lucky for us, we have an Adopted Seahawk (a guy in Hubs class who is a born again PNW'er) he'll join us for the awesome today.  

In non-football related fun......

The beer was done (we think) See that nice layer of floculation from the yeast falling out of fermentation.  Hellz ya! Sorry I love yeast.  

We bottled.  Micro-skills (no not small skills, microbiology skills) Its handy to have a microbiologist who brews stuff for a living inhouse.  I handled this part of the game.

Red caps of course (field artillery) 

My current reading material. Its super well written, and its very informative. 


Gelled Curd

I made cheese, in fact I made Mozzarella.  I got liquid animal rennet and followed the instructions online.  It work nearly perfectly.  The trick I found was using the wooden cutting board to my advantage and letting it soak up the extra whey.  It was also super yum.  

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