Quick post

So we're a good ways into the year.  January is behind us and we're well into February.  It zips by.  So this is mostly an update post (aren't they all).  I haven't bought any new clothes as per my resolution.  I've bought 2 pairs of pants, 2 dresses, 2 shirts and a jacket ALL FROM THRED UP!  I'm in love.  They're a great webpage.  Everything I've gotten has been fab.  One shirt and the jacket are for my Lady-Tenth Doctor outfit which I'll wear to Planet Comic Con next month with my friends.  But all the pieces came from the Salvation Army or Thred Up for like 20 bucks.  I did buy myself an amazing pair of boots (what new, claire, boots!)

I'll try to update more throughout the week.  Work is more than slow, and they haven't a clue how to effectively use people so I just sit at my desk for hours on end.  I do have an interview on Thursday, with a hospital so I'll let you know how that business goes.

Love ya

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