Its Monday...

I know crazy right.  But hell there is nothing else to do around here.  I'd like to say that just sitting on my duff pulling a paycheck is nice, but its not.  I'd like to be up to something, doing something so I alternate between reading free papers on PLOSOne and blogging.  

For my birthday we went to see the Black Keys.  Its the second time we've seen them and they're great in concert.  You can tell they just love to do live shows.  The song are never the same as they're recorded and they have a great light show too.  St. Vincent opened for them, and she's pretty amazing too.  

Of course there was an encore.  The whole place lit up with cell phone flashlights in an amazing display.  It was really cool.  However nothing, nothing, nothing beats the encore from their El Camino tour where they played Everlasting Light with a massive mirror ball.  I was rewarded with what I think is there best live version song, Little Black Submarines. We heard it at the Fresno show and they played it for part of their encore.  Its spectacular.  

Seriously have you had these!  Birthday gift from a friend and more than delicious.  They are from the wonderful candy makers Olive and Sinclair out of the every more awesome Nashville.  They come in a shotgun box too.  

Edgar gives his beak of approval to a shell stitch scarf I made.  

We sometimes have crazy amazing sunsets.  It doesn't make up for the sad brown that is winter in Kansas.  

I've been working away on my sweater.  Which actually fits, as you can see from how fab my bum looks in it.  

Tracing the patterns for my first knit sewing project.  I bought the Sewing with Knits class from Craftsy.

BAM! An awesome wearable item.  
Its way comfy, and I plan on making more, maybe with pockets.  

We just keep having snow, like 3ish inches at a time.  

The Cider is slowing down, and should be ready to move to the next jug soon, like this week.  Then it hangs out there for a while until it can be bottled.  If this batch goes well I'll make a large batch.  Finding good cider in Leavenworth is hard.  


WoolMonkey said...

your pictures no worky

Claire Warren said...

should be fixed!