The Weekly Claire: Fall Harvest

The fall weather is just A-MAZE-ING here this week.  Crisp sunny days and cool clear nights.  No rain, but we had our share of wind.  Work is still work.  I don't get to do any science but they pay me money and I'm not at home, so theres that.  Its only for a short time and it gives me the needed GMP and GLP experience I need to get other better more science type jobs.

Sometimes at work I have to climb up really high on this old rolling platform.  The thing drives like crap and its good I did all that crossfit to move it around.

See WAAAAY up there.

I had to go a get cupcakes at work because we had a forgotten birthday, and I do not let birthday just go uncelebrated.  

Looking great in my sexy ass hair net.

When I'm at the warehouse I rock the flannel, to protect my clothes from the warehouse funk.  I look like a hipster its really bad.  

I bought a Jawbone up24 to wear around, so far I like it.  It needs a little understanding but so far so good, it also tracks my sleep. 

We out for fall harvesting today.  The city market in KC 

Our Farmers Market in town

Look at the lettuce!

Planter's Seed-Spice-Feed in KC for tons of great spices.  You can smell the shop from the street. 

Then a final stop at the Local Pig for meat and a late lunch.  This is the awesome metal fence they have.

 The tree in the front yard just exploded with awesome. 

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