Craft-date 10/8/14

The rectangles for my next quilt attempt.  I might actually make this one into a fully formed blanket and not just the top.  Its a very satsifing use of the fat quarters in my stash.  

Yarn from my stash (which is much much smaller these days) to make the October Breeze shawl which one of the great ladies who I knit with here in KS/MO designed.  We're having a knit along with the newest yarn shop in the area called Mystic Knits.  

And finally a sweaters worth of yarn to make a sweater WHICH WILL ACTUALLY FIT OR SO HELP ME!!!!!!!  I bought it here in town at Momo's Yarn shop.  Its good old Cascade 220.  I had wanted to make this particular sweater in a nice dull grey but she didn't have enough so I went with this great pea color instead.  I'm trying very hard to visit and spend my money at local shops.  I find her shop nice but trying.  Yarn shops are a hard thing.  I love the idea that Church Mouse uses.  Simple yarn and lovely patterns but that works for their area.  Here its a mess so I can't figure out what a yarn shop would even want to stock.  Oh well, not my problem.  

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