A Year ago

This was taken a year ago. Before I began Crossfit, and before I moved back. That shrug is no more. I've frogged it and its going to become a more wearable item. I hope to share some photos with you and then take some after shots. Pictures like this and others. We'll see, I'm not so good with the timer on the camera.
Our lab was audited yesterday, which was a little stressful. But its over now and we can stop looking over our shoulder all the time. When the auditors arrived, they wanted to know who had been at the lab in Kentucky, which was me. The fact that checked up on me and the old life was a little strange.
Day two has been going smoothly. Hub is having some trouble with snacks. He loves crispy salty things, but no CHIPS. I think so far I've felt less change then him. Normally snacks are small and healthy so it seems that I've gotta leg up on him. Friday we have to attend an event so lets see what going out to dinner is like.

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~ Kim ~ said...

I really like it. I love shrugs but they make my potbelly stick out! Good luck with the health kick. I am also watching what I eat and I find that I binge on something later when I eat healthy, grrrr. All the best. I can't wait to see how it turns out for you.