Chicken Salad on the Freeway

I know, I keep dropping off the planet, sorry. Still on the Whole 30, I still want pancakes (not that I ever eat them) and a glass of cold cold milk. I haven't lost any weight, but do feel great. The thing about the whole 30 is going out to eat is nearly imposable because you have no clue what they stick in their food, and since we in America must put sugar in everything its hard to avoid. Its even harder to avoid things like potato, wheat and dairy when all you want is that steaming bowl of Ivars clam chowder in a sourdough bread bowl. Yes you heard that right. On a super chilly, slightly windy night I found myself in the stands of Husky Stadium (we have season tickets to see college football at a school I did not attend and work for their rival). All I wanted was a hot chocolate and a chowder but not I got a cup of black bad coffee and a fleece blanket instead. The game dragged on and on, tied at 21-21 and then OVER TIME. Feeling in my fingers has long since gone away and the use of my legs questionable. BUT FINALLY, the Huskies blocked the drive and we could go home. As fate normally has it, break lights appear on the horizon as we traveled back to Tacoma. A huge frickin' wreak. *sigh* just stop the car and wait. Always prepared, and since dinner was a Larabar, I extract two forks and a tub of chicken salad from under the seat. So we moved at .000002 miles an hour at 12 am, eating chicken salad on I-5. Next game is the 18th of November, by then I'll be done with this diet experiment. I won't bring huge amounts of wheat or potatoes into my diet but for one chilly night I'll indulge by taste buds and tummy in one of the greatest NorthWestern traditions of Ivars Clam Chowder (served from a small air stream trailer called the "chowder wagon").

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