The Weekly Claire: Kansas Edition

So I've moved, to Kansas.  Or Cans-ass I keep calling it.  I don't know who Can is but we now live in and around Can's ass.  Its quite green, and not ass flat as I had figured it to be.  It doesn't have a single freakin' mountain or a body of salt water and its hot.  It turns out we won the house lotto when we rented this place.  It's in an almost too quiet neighborhood and they've recently removed all the wallpaper and brass fixtures. There's a little koi pond in the yard and an enormous closet. 

This bathroom is larger than my dorm room. It's too big and kinda awkward, but it works. The best part of our new neighborhood, a Delorean lives here! Edgar can watch the birds outside at the feeder too. 

 This guy is at the bowling alley. We call him safe sex t-Rex, for one particular reason other then it's funny. 

 And finally a screenshot of what 8 hours of driving looked like. No turns on hills, no nothing, just straight from Denver to Boner Springs ks. Then you hang a left and go north a wee bit. 

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