Stupid Sweater

This is the second time around for this yarn.  It was a failed sweater from a few years back, no matter who tried the thing on it look bad on them.  It was like the opposite of the Traveling Pants, nothing but fug! I found a better pattern, I made sure it look good on other people and got started.  I'm not sure where it went wrong.  There are a few things I know about myself.  For starters I can't wear Raglan ANYTHING.  Sweaters, shirts, nope not a one.  I told myself this pattern was different, not a true raglan, it'll be fine.  My gauge is right, in fact it should be SMALLER than written.  Instead this thing is a huge sweater mess.  HUGE.  JUST HUGE in all the wrong places.  Under the arms, in the back, in the arms.  WHO THE FUCK TEST KNIT THIS SHIT! Sizing people, alway make the pattern in the size that is in the picture, because other wise its gonna look like a sack on you. Also just ignore your boobs.  Seriously, from now on I'm just knitting to ignore my boobs.

See HUGE raglan underarms HUGE! What do I have that much underarm flab. 

Look at that extra back fabric!!!

That about sums it up.

This yarn also doesn't have enough twist to give body.  The alpaca gives it too much drape and its a bitch.  So this will get pulled out AGAIN, and maybe one day it will become a blanket, a nice soft cozy blanket, not a terrible sweater.  

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