The Weekly Claire: New Moon Edition

Tonight is the new moon, which I remember from my hospital days as actually been stranger than the full moon.  Not busy like a full moon, just strange.  Machines doing odd things, strange phone call questions, doctors asking for tests like "rabies titers". Lets have a science moment shall we, if you are a doctor who is asking for rabies titers, you've lost your shit.  The test takes weeks to get back, because its meant to check the titers of those of us who have the rabies vaccine not to see if someone who is alive has rabies.  WHY? Because you'll either be dead or not, by the time the results come back, or mount an immune response high enough to produce the needed antibodies to test.  Yes I had a doctor once ask me to send off this very expensive test one early morning on a patient exposed 2 weeks pervious.  We had words, lots and lots of words.  Any way PICTURES of hilarious and random ass things.

Please read that, OMG I can't believe they did that! I swear they're just setting themselves up, like some intern made that sign just for the laughs!!!

Cicada friend.  It was a very cool morning, during our week of "polar vortex" that made every thing a bit more wonderful.  We hung out in the sun for a while until he could get his little bug bits warmed up, then he buzzed off.

WHAT IN JEBUS' NAME IS THIS!  Its on the side of my house, but its so wrong.  Some conglomerate of lizard species or a four legged alien.  I don't know if I should contact Mulder or get it a heat lamp.

And this guy! We've seen him twice now in town.  Black shoes and socks, gray shorts, yellow button up, unbuttoned with no shirt underneath. Floppy hair and brief case.  Our conclusion is he's actually a zombie, just trying to get by.  Going to work, getting business done.

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