Necessary Crafty Pants

So I got a new desk, its new at all in fact its reaaaaallllly old.  Its great, tons of drawers, smaller than my old computer desk and wildly more useful but it wasn't made of computers.  It was killing my elbows since I like a put my arms on the desk and push my screen back away from me.  When you've a prescription has high as mine you like to keep that focusing distance out a little.  So one afternoon I busted out this.  

Its super comfy, with flannel on one side and pretty quilting cotton on the other.  It doubles as a wrist rest too, but mostly for my bony ass elbows.  (I have rather pointy bony elbows, ask anyone I've accidentally jabbed with one)

Make two big long rectangles, and sew them together, clip those corners so they make nice corners when its stuffed.

I needed the cotton to be a little longer so I just sewed two pieces together, I own a lot of fat quarters. 

See, nice corners. 

Seriously I've had that bag of Clusterstuff hanging around since like 2007, its now been used up. 


Sew it together all nice with a needle and thread or just sew that bitch up on the machine.  I recommend the machine.  

BOOM! Happy elbows.

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