The Weekly Claire: Officially Bored Edition

Officially, I'm bored.  Bored out of my skull.  Studying for the GRE makes me wonder who the sadistic bastards are who write that cluster-fuck of a test (SERIOUSLY! You don't need to know that shit to get a masters in early childhood development and the math and science I need for a science MS is COMPLETELY DIFFERENT.  So why is there a shit tastic blanket test that seem to only be able to test my ability to do 10th grade math and unfuck their poorly worded questions.  Maybe its really just testing my skills at understanding my PI)

I can only knit so much before my butt goes numb or my wrist cries UNCLE.  So I've trying to find other fun things to do.  While getting ready on Tuesday, I was going to go to Yoga, I noticed that one of the artist I follow on Tumblr had spent the night at the Great Wolf Lodge and had hidden a drawing here....... 

The Elk at Cabelas.  SO I busted by butt down there and well it was gone.  I don't know if someone had already found the picture of if the grumpy staff and found it and thrown it away.  I was there at 9:30am and he left it about 8! It was still fun.  I went to Target and also walked around the Cabelas. 

On Wednesday I went to Olathe and the K-state extension.  Which is AN AMAZING building.  I talked the Microbiologist there and I might have a few part time jobs.  The key there is MIGHT.  In a few months.  They asked me what I wanted to do, I just wanted to yell "SCIENCE".  We'll see.  

I made kinda gross French Macarons.  My next batch will be better I hope.  I will also fill them with something other than Buttercream.  

I AM GROOT!  I kinda love Groot so I drew him on the white board in the kitchen. 

These bloomed! They have a slight fragrance and they're so lovely.  They're over a foot and half tall and stick straight up, I thought they were fake.  

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