When Science Gets Goofy

Sometimes the Science get a little crazy.  We get a little goofy around my parts, or at least I get a little silly.  It's how I survive.  Here's a little peak into my world at work. 

This is the 3rd one of these I've had.  They're made in France, so they get french names.  The last one, was Jean-Luc.  So this one naturally became Locutus!

Lovely Salmonella

That's the "evil eye" keeping an eye on the machine.

This damn piece of crap, doesn't work right.  It gets an "evil eye" too!

That's my office door, and yes that's a picture of Data. 

Seymour, the PCR cart!

No really, Salmonella!!!

My dear friend Jessie got these for me!!! Aren't they great!!


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