I'm Firing The Blog Back UP! And other things I did this weekend!

Sooooo, I kind of let this thing die.  It wasn't a great idea.  I've missed it and being creative.  During deployments I tend to shut down.  The creative part of me in channeled into simply staying afloat.  Being able to get up, go work, listen to all those voices talk at me, come home, eat, go to bed.  Repeat.  In order to remain a semi-functional person while part of my brain reals from the constant stress, I have to give up something.  That something is art.  I still knit, just slowly.  I still sew, with little passion, and I still draw, but its haphazard.  This deployment has been extra taxing, and coupled with my job (which I love and wouldn't give up for anything) I have had to use all my reserves.  Normally I am filled with huge plans for the year, the year I give up, but then they all putter out.  So its back to the Blog-lands for me.  I've gotta get a move on with it.  And here we go......

MUD RUN!! A while back my co-crossfitters somehow convinced me to sign up for The Dirty Dash.  When I say a while back I mean like February.  Well the weekend came, and we went.  Jessie, Jenn, me, Jenn's buddy Joe, all took to the mud on our team.  Super Hero's In Training (S.H.I.T)!  Thankfully my trusty summer intern came along for the ride and was able to snap some pictures of us, and hold the keys. 
Some other Super Hero's we ran into.

Still Clean!

There goes Joe, with his Birthday Crown and Cape!

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