Back on The Wagon

The food wagon that is, UGH! When Hub was home for his surprise visit we ate like crap.  In his world the food is SO SO BAD, so in 2 weeks we crammed in all the yum that we possibly could.  This included and was not limited to, donuts, brownies, pizza, beer, a Dicks cheese burger (with fries and strawberry shake) and a trip to Tacoma's own Frisko-Freeze! I tried to do better when he left.  In fact for a week my body wouldn't actually allow me to eat anything it deemed to be "bad".  There was a lot of soup. 
Things took a precipitous decline when I spent the next month with the science delinquents (I'm not saying that any of us are delinquent in our science, we're just delinquents who do science).  Two people who have no issues with their bodies "HOARDING ALL THE CALORIES".  So I might have eaten a lot of crap I shouldn't have.  That might have also included more weeknight drinking than I've done since college (Pub quiz night people!) Also it might have involved a lot of coffee, a lot of coffee. Oh yeah I almost forgot, and pizza which could steal your soul. 
You don't even want to know whats on that pizza
If you're gonna watch "Evil Dead" you have to have a Pizzanamicon with it, or as I like to call it the "Om-nom-nom-icon"

So as of yesterday, I'm back on the wagon, the only wagon that I know Weight Watchers.  I know this isn't Paleo, but the more time I spend reading some blogs the more I understand that people with Thyroid issues should not fall face first into the paleo zone.  Granted I won't eat wheat, nor will I eat corn (maybe a few chips) but I'm bringing some rice back into my diet.  I'm going to work hard at it, no matter how stupid I feel for as long as my initial buy in lasts.  If I have results in that time frame, I will continue.  The end of November is a fancy dress event for me so I've got something to work towards. 
Updates will be forthcoming. 

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