Slow Food

I'm a huge foodie.  I blame a lot of factors for that that, but its mostly why I crossfit, so I can eat.  Also, I have awesome Crossfit friends, so when one of favorite folks (Jess) wanted to do some special for her non-landmark birthday, we all drove to Seattle to visit The Corson Building! Now in my foodie journey, I've had some crazy meals.  The 16 course, 3 Michelin's starred, can't consume another bite meal.  The perfectly executed, bright, yet refined meal served in an old house.  Or the "this place looks good", turns out to be awesome tasting menu that's totally cool that our guest are wearing jeans.  But this was a whole new event for me.  I was trilled with the easy food, the comfortable surroundings and the happy people.  There was just enough quirk at know that they didn't take themselves too seriously. Bottom line, it was awesome!!


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