Well at least thats over with now...

Ahhhh, I can't say I'm thrilled but at least its over with now. I can't say that I'm angry or upset either. I feel kinda funny all over like something would be different about the world when I woke up, no nothing. I crossed my lawn and pulled my yard sign up and that was that. The very first time John McCain ran I was in high school and I trucked all over the state (oops, sorry Ross, THE GREAT STATE OF) of Washington, to see him speak. In the end he didn't get the nomination and I was left with the legacy of being called "CLAIRE MCCAIN". My maiden name is McCann, thats 2 C's, 1 A and TWO count them TWO N's. NO I people. It never failed that someone would say "MCCAIN". In fact the hubby said something to the effect of you "mccain women" are all the same, meaning mccann but slipping up. I got to cast my vote for one of my personal hero's last week (I love early voting) and it has been a great thing but now its time to make history. Its time for things to "change" and things to happen. The only thing I can say is, do it right. Don't make my husband, and my friends return to the middle east in 10 years because you fucked this thing up. Don't make promises that you can't fulfill and disenchant the young wide eyed voters who have put their faith in you. Do this soooo very right that you make us all, the red's and the blues, feel proud to have you as our president. Oh and don't take away my Sig, I'll be really pissed if you try to do that.

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