Nice Job Clarksville

So the leads on the Mini Cooper's battery come off from time to time. This happened when I replaced the battery and its the right battery but not the outrageously expensive BMW battery. Thus it doesn't quite fit. Well long story short there I was.... (up to my waist in mud, oh wait thats not my story) its dark and really really cold in the middle of a crowded parking lot. DB's battery goes, pffft and I gotta get out pop the hood and get the leads to re-connect. NO ONE, not a one, Not one freshly returned solider, not one crusty old man, not one stupid fuzzy boot wearing girl, asked if I needed help. HOLY SHIT PEOPLE. Where is our sense of humanity. I had no problem fixing it my self but damn, what if I couldn't fix it, what if was super preggers, what if, what if, what if!!!! Nice Job stupid Clarksville.

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