My Vetrans

This week we celebrate Veteran's Day in the states and Remembrance Day for our northern neighbors. I have quite of few veterans to celebrate this Tuesday. Starting with both my grandfathers, Navy, My grandfather-in-law, Army and Coast Guard, and my great-uncle, Air Force. Years ago it was me who planned to be in the military. I wanted to fly helicopters for the Coast Guard, but when my eyes got too bad that idea passed by. Then I met Ross, who has known since he was a child that he was going to join the military. It's been a long journey for Ross. He dreamed of being a pilot but the Air Force was not for him and he became an Army Cadet our Junior year of college. He never looked back. The Army has taken us all over the country. We've met all kinds of people and I've been trilled to meet them all. My veterans list is long and happy. Mike, our friend from high school and college who now lives here in C-ville with us, a pilot who always works too hard. Josh, our faithful friend and best man at our wedding, who rocks FA. Ian, a college buddy who can be mistaken for Ross' little brother, who has made SF his goal. Liz, the toughest girl I know with at least three tours under her belt assigned to the SF who just took on the biggest challenge of her life, motherhood. Kristie, my co-worker and what every army girl should be. Tom, my neighbor and the big brother I never had, a soldiers soldier who never forgets what he's fighting for. Eric, my neighbor who could make more money on the outside word but came to America at 7 and only wanted to serve his new country. Evan, a former SF medic turned photographer who's exuberance is infectious.
These are just s few of my veterans. Their stories and experiences are part of the American fabric. These are the people in my life.

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