Turkey Overload

Very Happy Belated Turkey Day! We had a great turkey weekend here, despite being one short. This is the Hub's favorite holiday (its a toss up with Fourth of July but that's because we can blow stuff up if you could some how get turkeys to go BOOM at the end of the night than T-day would be the hands down holiday winner) and this is first actual missed one. He's been super lucky to deploy minutes after and arrive seconds before the big day in the past but he missed this one. We had not plans to fly home or anything but I conned some friends in to visiting instead. Both Ian and Josh flew in as planned! It was like a little college reunion. We all picked up were we left off. For Food we trucked across the street with fried turkey, stuffing and yummy acorn squash in tow to the biggest thanksgiving blow out party I've ever seen. Two turkeys, and about 9 pies. The food was great, the weather not too bad and the fun was through the roof. Even my new knitting friend Peggy made a guest appearance. Now the boys are back on planes back the their posts and I have more messes to clean up than I though. I keep avoiding them too.

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