Thanxgiving with a X

Well thanxgiving has come and gone, the damage has been done and the food on its way through the jujunum. As previously stated I wrote instructions for the party goers. Rule one was 10 lb turkey and pumpkin pie, instead I got a 19.96 lb turkey and dry pumpkin loaf. Grrrrrrr, we won't name names but come on people.
Ready for the fryer
It was a beautiful turkey though. It took and hour and half for the oil to arrive, once again grrrrrrrrr. It arrived with the question of, "did you need this" No we were just going to bake a fried turkey.
OOOo fried
After a good binding Edweena the turkey fit snuggly in her basket and went for a 400 degree dip. Out she came crispy and tasty. I miss the crap shot that is an oven turkey and the great ego boost when it comes out all nice and tasty, but I left this part of the meal to Hubby.

The big winner, cranberry sause?

So even the great Evan as run into this strange food phenomenon too, the easiest thing you make is the biggest hit. I made cranberry sauce, one bag of the little red things a cup of sugar and some vinegar and ginger turns into......"ooooooo you MADE this" Yes and the stuffing, the potatoes and the gravy. People it doesn't always come in a can.
Whoooo thats a lot of cooking
In the end it was all worth it though, or it just seemed like it after all that wine.

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