Today is the weekend before Thanksgiving, which is traditionally Thanxgiving. I make dinner for my friends who will be heading back to their family homes for the calorie laden holiday. I've been doing this on and off since I had an apartment in college. This year we're breaking with the mold of Jenny-O turkey loaf and making that old southern gut buster, THE FRIED TURKEY!!! We assigned each dinner guest a few necessary ingredients and we'd do the cooking and provide the turkey fryer. ETA for food stuffs was 1500 (3pm for non-military reference) its 4:15, no calls of "the grocery is packed, we're running late." or "We're running late for reasonable reasons." Funny how turkey can't cook without peanut oil! For once these guys aren't getting a fully prepared meal when they just show up. I've taken a mess of pictures of Edweena (our 20lb turkey) so if this thing ever gets off the ground you'll get before and after, if not you'll get before and Mexican.

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